NWC Food Incubator Membership

Because of the breadth of the companies in our network and the diversity of their needs,  NWC Food Incubator is transitioning to a new Membership structure. The objective is to engage a broader range of food business entrepreneurs and service providers, yet still providing the hands-on support many need to get their businesses launched and running. Whether it is high-intensity support, production space, or network engagement, you can pick the way to join us!

Network Membership

Entrepreneurs, service providers, investors, and other interested parties can participate in events, training and Incubator activities for one low annual fee.

  • $100/year per food business

 Network Membership benefits include:

  • Free entry to all Networking sessions and Special Events held by NWC Food Incubator
  • Discounts on all Seminars and Training sessions
  • Ability to utilize discounted services provided through Network members and Incubator Partners
  • Access to NWC Food Incubator staff for specific Consulting engagements 
  • Access to NWC’s shared kitchen for product development or production (additional fees apply)
  • Discounted use of Event Kitchen in Evanston (subject to availability) for promotional events, consumer testing, film/video production, etc.
  • Ability to include products in NWC Tasting Panels at no charge
  • Access to industry Trend Reporting and other industry-specific documentation distributed by the Incubator

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Full Incubator Membership

Entrepreneurs needing active engagement to help get their business started or to grow can join us with a full membership. 

- % of Gross Revenue (% depending on company stage;  $150/min quarterly)
- Monthly and Quarterly meetings, plus data reporting

Full Incubator Membership benefits include:

  • Active Mentoring throughout Membership by NWC staff and appropriate Mentors from the NWC Food Incubator Mentor list
  • Access to all discounted services provided through Incubator Partners and Network members
  • Discounted kitchen time in Shared kitchen for initial product development and production testing
  • Discounts on all Training programs provided through NWC Food Incubator, and free access to all Seminars and Networking Sessions hosted by NWC Food Incubator
  • Personal introductions to Buyers and Distributors to facilitate sales growth
  • Direct assistance with Branding, Marketing, Packaging and Promotion design
  • Ability to participate in NWC Food Incubator discounts for Markets and other Chicago area events



  • 5 year program
  • Monthly 1-on-1 review w/incubator manager
  • Quarterly in-depth review with mentor
  • Thorough business goal outline w/incubator manager
  • Assigned Staff Mentor- consulting on business strategy plus monthly meetings w/mentor
  • 50% discount on kitchen time
  • Enhanced product development, testing and scale up (8 hours)
  • Intro to financing sources
  • Assistance in preparing for fundraising activities
  • FREE participation in all seminars hosted by NWC Food Incubator
  • Online access to NWC resources
  • Sell-through connections
  • Buyer’s meetings and demonstration prep.

Client Commitment:

  • Quarterly Financials and other progress reporting required
  • Active event/network participation strongly encouraged  


  • 2 year program
  • Monthly 1-on-1 review w/ incubator manager
  • Staff Mentoring- 2 free hours of consulting on business strategy
  • 50% discount on kitchen time and product testing (8 hours)
  • Intro to seed money sources
  • Training discounts:
    • 50% off seminars
    • 25% off Food Business 101
  • Online Access to NWC resources

Client Commitment:

  • Quarterly Financials and other progress reporting required
  • Active event/network participation strongly encouraged  




Shared Kitchen Membership

Handling your own production and need a commercial kitchen space?  Join us and get in the kitchen with our community of entrepreneurs.

- Network Membership + Standard Kitchen Use fees

Shared Kitchen Membership benefits include:

  • Ability to schedule kitchen time online
  • After Hours access for pack-in and pack-out
  • Ad hoc assistance with production questions and sourcing recommendations
  • Cold and dry storage
  • Free Wi-Fi