NWC Food Incubator

Illinois’ Leading Food Business Incubator

It’s not easy being a food business entrepreneur, so we offer a supportive and comfortable environment where you can meet with others who understand, appreciate and can offer advice and support on the challenges you are facing.

“Get your Food Business Started”

Networking, Collaborations, Peace of Mind…The food industry is one of the most rigorous and competitive businesses, making it difficult for new food entrepreneurs to etch their way into the market. We’re here to help!  NWC’s advanced incubator program will take your business to the next level.  We have developed a unique and effective model that will provide you with all the necessary tools needed to get your business headed in the right direction. Our program will not only help you achieve early success, but also work to deliver expansions you never dreamed possible!

The incubator will help you:

  • cultivate and launch your brand
  • construct proficient business plans
  • obtain required certifications
  • design and acquire proficient packaging and labeling
  • improve purchasing and procurement
  • format effective pricing strategies, and
  • develop successful marketing and social media campaigns

Be a part of the food conversation….

Our highly experienced staff specializes in analyzing and reporting on food industry trends.  We work with multiple companies and publications to understand market shifts, dietary trends as well as up-and-coming innovation in the space. Get our up-to-date trend forecasting reports by joining our newsletter and following us on Facebook

NWC Food Incubator Membership Details