Everyone seems to be passionate about food these days - whether they are cooking it at home, producing it for sale, or just eating it!  At NWC Food Incubator (Now We’re Cookin’), we believe in enabling entrepreneurs who want to make a mark in this fascinating food world we live in.  As the owner, I invite you to contact us - see how we can help  you realize your dreams!


Now We’re Cookin’ opened in the summer of 2007 to address one of the biggest needs in the Chicago area culinary community – rentable commercial kitchen space. But we realized during the planning that food-oriented event space was also in short supply - hence the creation of our multi-faceted facility!  

Through April of 2016, we operated a certified industrial kitchen space rentable by the hour, providing start-ups a production home. With the addition of our Food Business Incubator programming, Now We’re Cookin’ introduced a new level of support for local food entrepreneurs. With this shift, we have also rebranded to NWC Food Incubator - with a new look to reflect our emphasis on entrepreneurship. 

Selling our kitchen facility is enabling us to focus more time and energy on our business services - mentoring individual business owners, consulting to people around the Mid-West on the evolution of the specialty food industry, and - in the very near future - reconvening our training and seminar programs which provide the kind of content-rich, food business-focused information entrepreneurs needs to move rapidly in the changing industry environment.  


NWC Food Incubator is a business incubator focused entirely on food entrepreneurs across the  Chicago area. We offer the knowledge and resources necessary for food entrepreneurs to thrive in the highly competitive food space. We know that developing local companies is both important and possible!  Much like familiar tech incubators, NWC’s knowledgeable, dedicated staff mentor food start-ups as they grow from product concept to working with a co-packer. Through food business classes as well as networking opportunities with industry leaders, incubator members develop the skills and connections necessary to transform their dreams into reality. This innovative concept possesses the potential to empower entrepreneurs, creating a thriving and dynamic local marketplace.